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Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR)
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Founded year 1937 Number of members
Brief Introduction :

The Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR) is a non-profit national organization, devoted to research and clinical practice of radiological sciences. The society was founded in Shanghai in 1937 and is presently affiliated to the Chinese Medical Association. The mission of the CSR is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among physicians and scientists in the broad area of radiology and promote the development of radiology in China.

The Chinese Society of Radiology was formed at the 12th annual meeting of the Chinese Medical Association during April 1st~8th, 1937. The inaugurating President was Dr. Zhi-Guang Xie (1899-1967). After 1993, radiology in China developed rapidly.  The national conference of CSR has been held annually, and a new board is elected every four years.  Now, the CSR established 10 subcommittees focusing on several individual subspecialties, including Abdominal, Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Cardiothoracic, Pediatric, Interventional, Mammary, Molecular, MR and Youth Committee of Chinese Society of Radiology.