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Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA)
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Name of society Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA) Home page
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Founded year 1931 Number of members 8000
Brief Introduction :
The ‘Indian Radiological Association’ took its birth in 1931 in Calcutta with late Dr. Ajit Mohan Bose as founder President and Dr. Subodh Mitra as founder Secretary. The first meeting was held on 21st April, 1931 in Calcutta.
In April 1932, the Eighth session of Indian Medical Association was held and the Indian Radiological Association met as the Radiological section of I.M.A. under the chairmanship of Dr.M.D.Joshi and during his speech, Dr.Joshi stressed the need for sound radiological education in India. In 1934, once again the radiologists met at a sectional meeting of the Conference of IMA, held at Bombay with Dr. K. P. Mody in the Chair.
The first Annual Congress of Radiology was held in 1946 at Madras under the Presidentship of Dr.M.D.Joshi and Secretary Dr.P.Rama Rao. At that time there were 130 members of the association. Gradually, there was extension of the Association to other states and a wide network of state branches and chapters was formed. As the country gained independence in 1947, there was a spurt in the scientific activities in all fields and radiology was not to lag behind. Postgraduate diplomas and degrees were started gradually in all the medical colleges in the country.

Indian Journal of Radiology was born in 1947, year of India’s independence, under Joint Editorship of Dr. P. Rama Rao and Dr. K. Manjunath Rai. Excellent scientific papers and material were published and circulated to all the members.. Every year four issues are published by IJRI.
Another landmark in Indian Radiological Association was the introduction of ‘Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose Memorial Oration’ in the year 1948; a contribution to the advancement of Medical Radiology. Late Dr. Barceley, popularly known as “Father of British Radiology” was the first Orator in the year 1951. Every year, it is to be delivered at the Annual Congress of Radiology and is awarded to a renowned Radiologist.
. The members of family of late Dr. Diwan Chand Aggarwal created an Endowment for the oration. It was started in the year 1969 and Dr. A. N. K. Menon of Madras delivered first Oration. Since then, many eminent Radiologists from India and all over the world delivered this oration.
In 1977, during 30th Annual Congress of IRA at Chandigarh ‘Dr.K.M. Rai Memorial Oration’ was instituted by the family members of late Dr.K.M.Rai. Dr. O. P. Bhardwaj of New Delhi delivered first Oration in the year 1978.
In 1980 Dr. Ashoke Mukherjee Award started was by IRA instituted by the family members of late Dr.Ashoke Mukherjee to encourage young Radiologist to take up new investigation and research in Radiology in India. Dr. Pramod Kolwadker of Nagpur was the first recipient of this award in the year 1979.
IRA also started Traveling Fellowship for young radiologists to do advance training in reputed institution in India in the name of Late Prof. P. K. Haldar and M/s German Remedies in 1982. M/s German Remedies increased the Corpus out of STAR programme in India and now both Traveling fellowships are awarded by ICRI.

It was established as a teaching (academic) wing of the Association in 1976 by Late Prof. P.K.Haldar and Dr. K.N.Kamdar. Prof. P.K.Haldar was the first Founder Chairman of the college followed by Dr. K.N.Kamdar. During initial period of six years activities were mainly confirmed to day’s teaching programme (C.M.E.) prior to the Annual Congress of IRA.
In 1981, with Prof. Arcot Gajaraj becoming the Chairman, academic activities were given.
Prof. N G. Gadekar-Key Note Address (Memorial Oration) and Prof. Mihir Mitter Memorial Oration were instituted under the umbrella of ‘Indian College of Radiology & Imaging’ in 1988 & 1998 respectively. These orations are awarded to the Radiologists of the country who have excellence in academics as well as in teaching and developing the science of Imaging. Dr. Harnam Singh Mid-Term Teaching Session was introduced with the donation from Dr. Harnam Singh, 2 days mid term CME is named after him. Recently Prof.V.P.Lakhanpal Gold Medal has been introduced for the best academic contribution in the field of Radiology and Imaging.
by ICRI recommended by Prof. Kakarla Subbarao and approved by ICRI and IRIA.

Now almost every State has State Branches to conduct scientific activities and coordinate with Central Office. Members of Defense, Railway and Central Services are enrolled directly. Many City Chapters are formed for academic purpose to improve academic standards and educate the radiologists and post-graduate students. More and more activities are held in all major cities and also in districts and smaller towns.

IRIA publishes three issues of News Bulletin from Central Office edited by Secretary General of IRIA. It gives excellent information about activities, forthcoming programmes, minutes of various meeting and informative articles about equipment purchase, service contract, tax structures and news from industry and C.I.I. (Medical Equipment Division).

IRIA has been a member of International Society of Radiology since 1950 and member of Asian and Oceanian Society of Radiology and regularly pays its membership subscription.

IRIA has had a glorious background and is looking ahead for playing its role in the advancement of radiology and imaging throughout Asia and SAARC countries.