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Title    :    12th CT Coronary Angiography Teaching Course (Basics - for SCCT Level 1 and 2 ) and 4rd Cardiac MR (Level 1) Teaching Course
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12th CT Coronary Angiography Teaching Course (Basics - for SCCT Level 1 and 2 ) and

4rd Cardiac MR (Level 1) Teaching Course


Location: National Heart Centre Singapore, Level 7,

5 Hospital Drive, Singapore 169609


Supported by Toshiba Medical Systems


Thursday, 4rd August 2016


Course Overview

This teaching course is designed to enhance clinical practice skills by providing training in performing and interpreting coronary CTA examinations  as well as cardiac MR under the supervision of teaching faculty.

The course contents and workshop can also be documented to form part of SCCT requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 training. Many of the workshop workstation cases include coronary catheter angiography correlation.


The course contents are aimed for cardiac CT and cardiac MR users at Beginner and Intermediate level.


Practical Cardiac CT Masterclass Workshop

Supervised and mentored case reviews –performed on a Vitrea workstation ( at least 15 cases) and conducted by teaching faculty


Teaching cases will be projected on screen from Vitrea workstation and case discussion on each case using power point slides.


Attendee will observe cases being shown on workstation by speaker but will not have hands on manipulation of case on Vitrea workstation


Certificate of Proficiency

Attendees can be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency that can include the mentored number of cases reviewed during the Masterclass workshop session, for use in credentialing which can contribute to the case requirements specified in the ACFC/AHA/SCCT Level 1 and 2 requirements for Clinical Competence in Cardiac Imaging with Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance. The planned syllabus will also help attendees fulfill some of the requirements for Level A and Level B certification for the Conjoint Committee for Cardiac CT for Australia and New Zealand (see


Course Faculty

Course Director:

Dr John Hoe - Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore  


Course Faculty :
Chloe Stevenson –  Toshiba Medical Systems,Tokyo,Japan

Dr Matthais Gueberlet - University of Leipzig-Heart Center, Germany

Dr Stephen Cheung- Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong

Dr Mashahiro Terashima - CVIC, Tokyo, Japan


Dr Tan Swee Yaw – National Heart Centre, Singapore

Dr Lynette Teo - National University Hospital, Singapore


Session 1- Principles of cardiac CT and how to perform cardiac CT


08.00-08.30 am                  CT scanner design and basics- pitch, exposure factors, spatial and temporal resolution and includes recent developments of 320 Volume imaging


08.30-08.50 am                  Post processing and How to reconstruct images
-including cycle selection, reformatting techniques, WW/WL adjustment etc


08.50-09.10 am                  Patient preparation, contrast delivery principles, scanning protocols - including SCCT recommendations


09.10-09.30 am                       How to optimise image quality in difficult situations eg Atrial Fib,

very high BMI pts


09.30-09.50 am                       How to lower radiation doses in cardiac CT and explain risks

related to radiation


09.50-10.20 am     Coffee Break


Session 2 – How to improve your reporting


10.20-10.50  am                 CTA Anatomy –what you need to know to report - normal landmarks, SCCT recommended terminology, coronary anomalies


10.50-11.10 am                       Reporting coronary stenosis using CT-qualitative & quantitative

assessment-difficulties and pitfalls


11.10-11.30 am                  How to perform and read for EP planning, cardiac veins for CRT, aortic valve,LVmyocardium


11.30-11.50 am                  How to perform and read coronary CTA scans for coronary stents and bypass grafts


11.50-12.20 pm                 Pitfalls in interpretation of coronary CT angiogram studies –How to avoid false negative and false positive studies


12.20-12.40 pm     Coronary plaque imaging with CTA and clinical implications


12.40-2.00  pm                        LUNCH with Satellite symposium


1.30-2.00 pm                      Clinical experience with Titan 1.5T magnet for CMR studies- advantages and advances. Dr Masahiro Terashima



Session 3 – Cardiac MR Basics


2.00- 2.30 pm        How to set up and scan for cardiac MR- using SCMR guidelines


2.30-2.50  pm                    LVfunction and wall motion ,LVmass and mistakes to avoid .How to interpret the results and what is normal


2.50-3.10 pm                      RV function and RV wall motion –how to do, what are normal values and how to read the results


3.10-3.30 pm                           How to set up scans for aortic and pulmonary valves and what to report


3.30-4.00  pm                          Late gadolinium delayed  scans- how to do and how to read-


4.00-4.20pm                            Coffee break


4.20-6.00 pm                           Practical Cardiac CT Masterclass

Supervised and mentored case reviews –performed on one Vitrea workstation




Please register via   Spaces at this course are limited.  

Regsitration fee is S$250 ( approx US$170)


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