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Title    :    Letter from President of AOSR
Date 2018-01-17 12:04:09 Hit 3

Dear AOSR Members, Colleagues, Partners, and Affiliates,

    This January will mark 14 months since I received the seat of President of AOSR from Dr. Redish. I couldn’t be happiest or more grateful for incredible support we have received from all the member societies and Executive Council (ExCo) Members of AOSR. AOSR is growing in ways that will allow us to engage more deeply with affiliated societies through many events, such as AOCR, and educational courses supported by AOSR (with the enthusiastic hard work of the Director and the Secretary of AOSOR).

    The AOSR Youth Club can be the cradle of the young future leaders of Asian radiology. The attendants from the Affiliated Societies should have had fun and have been inspired from the courses very well organized by the AOSR and AOSOR leaders/tutors.

    We have to honor the members of ExCo and national leaders through various events that bring all the academic and clinical experts altogether to promote radiological education and clinical practice in Asian region.

    In the coming January 2018, the IRIA will host AOCR 2018, we will invite a number of internationally recognized guests to attend this important event and some of them will be awarded with honors, e.g., gold medalist or honorary members. The awards will spotlight the scholars and leaders who have been strongly contributing to the AOSR and all leading the way in world radiology. We hope you will be able to join us for both scientific and social events.

    We are excited to feature accomplished radiologists in Asia. It was fascinating to learn about their works and to hear about their ideas on how to boost the ranks of Asian radiological science in this still Western-dominated field. We have also revealed the stunting results of our education courses during previous AOCRs which we have tried our best to give some deserving leaders chances to hit the starting button and focus on spreading the education concept in their countries.

    We, as the lovers of radiological science, will help stimulate basic and clinical research to advance the development of radiology, to facilitate the exchange of scientific information, and promote high-quality healthcare through precise medical imaging in Asia. We are looking forward to seeing a stronger and healthier AOSR.

Sincerely yours,


Yi-Hong Chou, M.D.
President, Asian Oceanian Society of Radiology (AOSR)

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