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Title    :    Letter from Immediate Past President of AOSR
Date 2018-01-17 12:04:09 Hit 7

Dear Executive Councilors, colleagues, and members,

Welcome to the website of the Asian Oceanian Society of Radiology (AOSR)!

I have been so humbled and honored to serve the society as the president (2016-2018). After the AOCR 2018 (25-28 Jan), hosted by the IRIA, I now feel a little bit relaxed. Our new president Dr. Dinesh Varma will be assure the success of this big and renowned society to keep its harmony and steady growing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the outgoing Presidents and Executive Council (ExCo) members for their dedication and commitment to the AOSR. We have been, and will continue to be, an organization carrying wide?ranging priorities. Through all of this the level of effort and commitment by all involved in the previous AOSR ExCo is unquestionable. My sincere thanks also go to outgoing ExCo members Former and Presidents Dr. Lilian Leong, Dr. Jian Ping, Dai, Dr. Byung Ihn Choi, Dr. Kundur Prabhakar Reddy. Additionally a big thank you to the outgoing and current committee chairs and members, and AOSOR Director Dr. Byung Ihn Choi, outgoing secretary Dr. John Jongmin Lee who created the unforgettable event of AOCR and AOSOR courses that allowed for much inspiration, motivation, and old friendships reinvigorated and new ones formed.

It has been a great personal honor to be entrusted with the Presidency of the AOSR, one which carries much responsibility to ensure meaningful progress for the Asian and Oceanian radiology community and for our members. Along with our current President Dr. Dinesh Varma and President-elect Dr. Evelyn Lai Ming Ho, Secretary Dr. Noriyuki Tomiyama, Outgoing Treasurer Dr. Seung Hyup Kim and our great team of enthusiastic ExCo members and regional representatives, I believe we are ready for the challenges and exciting opportunities that exist for the AOSR, particularly in strengthening the bonding and scientific levels of the affiliate societies of AOSR. The website is an important resource for our members to learn the details of our scientific activities and an invitation to increase our participation. It also provides an “up-to-date” window for all of us. We know the office bearers have demonstrated strong commitment to assure its success, but we really need more strong supports and assistance from all ExCo members.

Work related to enhance up collaboration between AOSR and other international societies has already been started by Former Presidents. Further substantial collaboration with the other regional societies such as ESR and RSNA should be kept going on. AOSR has been supporting the International Day of Radiology (IDoR) since 2016. We have worked on an outreaching approach to attract more national societies to join AOSR. AOSR has to make a meaningful difference for our profession. This potential thought can only be realized by working to a strong vision and with the hard work of all the entire ExCo members and the supports of former presidents and enthusiastic experts in the AOSR team.

AOSR represents over 25,000 radiologists in Asian-Oceanian region. In 2017, Radiology Society of Kazakhstan (RSK) has admitted into the AOSR, becoming our newest Affiliated Society of AOSR and Radiology Society of the Emirates is in the process of application for membership of AOSR. We, as a great team in Asia-Oceanian region, do hope to ensure that we can make significant progress; and now the most important things for us to do are to extend our education programs in Asia either by education courses or website E-learning and enhance the Asian-Oceanian youth potential with our “youth club”.

In summary, I sincerely encourage you to contribute to the AOSR, as before, with your ideas, thoughts and projects. I also strongly encourage you to attend the Congresses of AOSR (2020, hosted by Malaysian college of Radiology) and Workshops designed by the AOSOR. Leaders of the Affiliated Societies have adequate experience of teamwork and leadership, organizing and coordinating skills to improve internal bonding and collaboration, above all to achieve the aim and missions of the AOSR. We should keep the aims and objectives of the society stated in the constitution in mind to ensure the activities of the society also follow the policies of the society. We may raise questions and issues about the society’s future, and to propose ideas and solutions that will furtherance the objectives of the society, and enhance the society’s strength and it’s sustainability. Let’s work together to achieve our goals. With the strong leadership of the current president Dr. Dinesh Varma and the ExCo, I believe AOSR will grow steadily and stronger in the coming years!

Yours Sincerely,


Yi-Hong Chou    

Immediate President, AOSR

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