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(** Country alphabetical order)
1 Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologist (A) Australia  
2 Bangladesh Society of Radiology & Imaging Bangladesh
3 Chinese Society of Radiology China
4 Fiji Radiology Fiji  
5 Hong Kong College of Radiologists Hong Kong
6 Indian Radiological & Imaging Association India
7 The Indonesian Society of Radiology Indonesia
8 Japan Radiological Society Japan
9 Korean Society of Radiology Korea
10 Macau Radiology Association Macau  
11 College of Radiology, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (MCoR) Malaysia
12 Mongolian Radiological Society Mongolia
13 Myanmar Radiological Society Myanmar
14 Nepal Radiologist Association Nepal
15 Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologst (NZ) New Zealand
16 Radiological Society of Pakistan Pakistan
17 Philippine College of Radiology Philippines
18 Samoa Society of Radiology Samoa
19 Singapore Radiological Soceity Singapore
20 Sri Lanka College of Radiologists Sri Lanka
21 Chinese Taipei Society of Radiology Taiwan
22 Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand Thailand
23 Radiologist Ministry of Health Tonga Tonga  
24 Uzbekistan Radiology Society Uzbekistan
25 Vietnamese Society of Radiology Vietnam